Good Bye!

''Good Bye'', its something used by almost everyone daily in their lives. Its rather easy to say it when you are about to leave someone. But sometimes why it hurts to say someone a simple bye. Why can't I say it normally as I say it in a normal way. Why it hurts so much just to speak these two simple words? I don't think I will ever find the answer. But I want to analyse it in my own way.

I have many intimate friends.I have never found it too hard to say one of them a gud bye. I have been doing that. Most of my frens were already away from me in search of their destines and i simply said Bye to my frens when they were around me when i was about to leave them. Its really difficult to be away from frens but still it is quite easily compensated because its the way of life. We will meet again, this hope remains and is enough to balance the mental sadness. Its quite difficult but not too hard to say good bye to frens or family in certain circumstances of life.

But as i continued i met a new fren and we came quite closer. We were complete frens. But after a certain period we had to be separate. Perhaps again our destines were different. There was no chance to continue together. The only thing remained to do for me was to say a Good Bye to my fren. Firstly i thought its just simple as i said to my other frens earlier. But all in vain, i cant just pronounce those two words now. My voice gets slow. My eyes are filled. I feel like i am hallucinating. I couldn't understand why it has became so difficult for me jus to say those simple words. Why it is hurting me so much that i cant think of any other things. Why i feel like i m dying before i say those words? These questions are still unanswered for me. and i dont think i will be ever able to find the answers.... never...nevver.......

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