Have some Fun


An interviewer with sardarji:- Where were you born?
Sardarji:- Punjab
Interviewer:- Which part?
Sardarji:- Abbey! the whole body was born in Punjab.

An interviewer with Sardarji:- Imagine you r in third floor of a house and the house caught fire then how will you escape?
Sardarji:-Simply i will stop the imagination.

Sardarji returned from a long trip to England and asked his wife:- Do i see like a foreigner?Wife:- No, why?Sardarji:- One lady in England asked me:- Are you a foreigner?

A fren asked sardarji:- why did you divorce with your wife?

Sardarji to his fren:-Kal mujhe ek admi ne chaku dikhakar loot liya.fren (suprisingly):- lekin tumhare pas to jabhi bhi pistol raheta he.Sardarji:-WOH TO MAINE CHHUPADIYA THA WARNA WOH BHI LOOT LETA6.Sardarji was deeply in love with a gal. So he purposed her for marriage.Gal: Lekin me to tum se 1 sal badi hu.Sardarji: No problem i will marry you one year later


George 'w' Bush was once in the visit to England. There he was invited for a dinner by queen. So he went there and asked the queen for the purpose she invited him to dinner.
She replied that she wanted to sit between the intelligent ones.
Bush asked : How can u know that someone is intelligent?
Queen:I ask them a simple question and get the result from their answers how intelligent they are.
Bush: Can u give e any examples.
Queen:ya sure. (and phones Tony Blair)Hello my prime minister.can i ask u a question please?Blair: Ya why not? your majesty.
Queen: Your father and mother have a child but he /she is not your brother or sister.Then say me primeminister who is he?
Blair: Thats me! your majesty.
Queen: Did you see how i checked the intelligence of my primeminister?

Bush after his visit to England returns to Washington and wants to check the intelligence of his officers and phones the Chairman of the Senate and asksthe same question that the queen had asked to Blair.
Bush: My chairman of senate.... Will u answer my questioon plz?
COS: Ya president.Why not.
Bush: Your father and mother have a child but he/she is not your brother or sister then say me who is it?
COS:(in great confusion) May i answer it after some time?
Bush : ya u can do so.

Then the Chairman of Senate calls a meeting of senates and puts the question there. But no one can answer it . So he phones Foreign Minister Condoliza Rice and puts the question.
Then suprisingly she answers: its me. Just me.
then the COS phones Bush and answers that the answer was Condoliza Rice.

Bush: ( angrily says) the answer is not condoliza Rice but it is Tony Blair.