1. A man buys something worth Rs 100 in Rs 200 if he needs it but an woman buys something worth Rs 200 in Rs 100 that she doesn't needs.

2. Women are good, good for nothing or good for something.

3. The hardest work in the world is to convience an woman.

4.Women have their passion in mathematics. They like divide their age by half and double the price of their clothes.

5. A mother makes her son intelligent in 20 years but a girl can make him stupid in 20 minutes.

6. Maine kaha dil.... ruba
usne dfkaha paise dikha
Maine kaha paise nahi
Usne kaha kaise nahi
Maine kaha mehengai he

7. Women are like elephants good to look at but very difficult to own.

8. Seher ke gali me pan ki dukan
Devdas ne dekhi paro ki muskan
Devdas ne khilaya paro ko paan
paan khake paro boli ''SUKRIYA BHAI JANN''.

9.'' Defination of a nurse''
A young and beautiful woman who fingers you in alll places and holds hour hand to say
that your pulse is normal.

10.Women are like blue jeans
They look good for a while
then they fade
sfo they have to be replaced.

11.Women are like net virus.
They ENTER your life
EDIT your mind
DOWNLOAD their problems
DELETE your smile
and HANG you over.



1.A beer is always wet, a woman is not.
1 point for beer

2. Beer is horrible when it is hot.
1 point for woman

3.A cold beer satisfies you.
1 point for beer.

4. If you come back home by smelling a beer your wife may get angry but if u come back smelling a woman your wife may not speak with you.
1point for beer.

5. For beer you pay taxes.
1 point for woman

6.If you take second beer the first beer wont be angry.
1 point for beer.

7.You can be sure that you are the first man to open that beer.
1 point for beer.

8.You know how much exactly a beer csts.
1 point for beer.

Beer beats woman by 6 to 2.
If you are a woman you are becoming angry but a beer wont do it. so one point to beer.
and the last score is 7 to 2.

Difference between man and woman
1. An woman worries about future before she gets da husband but a man never worries about future before he gets d a wife.

2. A successful man is that who can make more money than his wife spends but a successful woman is that who can find such a man.

3. To be happy with a man, an woman needs to understand him alot and love him little but to be happy with an woman a man needs to love her a lot and dont try to understand her at all.

4. An woman marries a man expecting he will change but he doesn't. And a man marries an woman expecting she wont change but she changes very fast.

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