1. Love is like a war easy to start hard to end and impossible to forget.

2. Love is like a river cuts a new path whenever meets an obstacle.

3. Love is not to look at one another but love is to look at same direction.

4. To love one is madness but to be loved by one is life.

5. Love is never false but lovers may be false.

6. Love knows no reasons
Love knows no lies
Love defies all reasons
And love has no eyes
but still love is not blind
coz love sees all but doesn't mind.

7.Love is a game where both the players win or both of them loose.

8.True love is like ghost talked by all but seen by only a few.

9.Love is like a mustard seed planted by god and watered by man.

10.When i saw u
i was afraid to talk with u
when i talked to u
I was afraid to hold u
When i hold u
i was afraid to love u
when i loved u
I was afraid to loose u.

11.With hair like silk
and lips so tender
each moment with u
Made me surrender.

12. If u fall in river
U may get a boat
If u fall in well
u may get a rope
but if u fall in love
there is no hope.

13. Flowers need sunshine
voilets need dew
all angels in heaven know that
i need u
Mountains may fly
Ocean may dry
But my love for u
Will never die.

14. may your heart be happy
and your days be bright
may your roads be smooth
and burden light
may you find dreams
and touch touch the star
and never forget
how special u are.



1. Life is like a coin you can spend it as your wish but only once.

2. Life is like a chess make a right move or die at mess.

3. A strong and positive behaviour causes miracles in our life because life is 10% how you make it and 90% how you take it.

4. Life is like stepping into a boat that will go towards the depth of the sea and sink there.

5.Life is a mathematics add frens subtract enemies multiply happiness and divide sorrow.

6.Life is only understood backwards but it must be lived forward.

7.Life is jingle if fyou r single but life is trouble if u r double.

8. Never think of past

it brings tears

Never think of future

It brings fears

Life is present

So drink chilled beers........................cheers!

9.In this life when u get troubles dont get nervous but close your eyes and follow your heartcoz though the heart is in left it is always right.

10.Life is a book

we all read it

life is a blessing

we all need it

always be happyalways have a smile

because in this world we are just for a while.

11. ''Some realities of life''

U love someone

and marry someone else

the one whom you marry becomes your husband/wife

and the one whom you love becomes the password of your mailing id.

12.Life is not a race

so take it slower

and enjoy the music

before the song is over.



1. Friendship never speaks volumes

it never needs proof

It never has happy ending too

Coz it never ends as long as frens are true.

2. A true fren is not like a rain

which pours and goes away

but a true fren is like air

sometimes silent but always around you.

3. Frens are like walls of a house

sometimes they hold u up

sometimes you lean on them

but sometimes it is enough to know that they are standing by.

4. Frens are like wine the older the better.

5. Friendship is like a tree it is not measured how tall it is but it is measured howdeep the roots have grown.

6. Fren is like watch in your hand that controls you and u maintain it.

7.I dont like to make hundred frens in a year but i prefer in making one fren for hundred years.

8.God has given us two gifts.One is 'choice' and the other is 'chance'.Choice to select a good fern and Chance to have a good fren like u.

9. Friendship is like a rainbow between two hearts sharing the colors of feelings, love, truthsadness, happiness, faith, and respect.

10. Walk with me

when your heart needs company

Take my hand when you feel alone

Turn to me

when you need someone to lean on

coz i m a fren which u can depend on.

12. If you add L+O+V+E=54 and if you add F+R+I+E+N+D+S+H+I+P=108 this means thatfriendship is two times greater than love so loose your love but never loose your friend.

13.Friendship is a network

that needs

No recharge

no roaming

no validity

no activation

no signal problems

just dont switch off your heart.



1. Every king was once a helpless baby

Every great structure was once a blueprint

It is not where u r today

But where you will reach that counts.

2.Never change your originality for the sake of others coz no

one can play your role better thanyourself.

3. Dont marry the one with whom u can live

but marry the one with whom u cant live without.

4. Dont flow your tears for those

who do not deserve them

and the one who deserve your tears

do not let you flow yours tears.

5. Dont be afraid if you are in a dark closed room with blood everywhere. Its the safest place in the world for you coz its my heart.

6 He who loves practice without theory is like the sailor who boards ship without a rudder and compass and never knows where he may cast.
- Leonardo da Vinci


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